• ACS Editors' Choice Features Lin Group Research
    ACS Editors' Choice
    Recently, School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST) Assistant Professor Lin Bolin’s research group made a major breakthrough in CO2/olefins-based polymeric materials synthesis and was selected in ACS Editors’ Choice. Combining green-house gas CO2 with a low cost olefin, they provided a convenient and highly efficient methodology for synthesis of functionalizable polymeric materials. ...
  • U.S. Consul General Visits ShanghaiTech
    On November 27th, President Jiang Mianheng met with Sean Stein, the new U.S. Consul General in Shanghai, and Peter Dycaico, Deputy Director of Politics and Economics Section at the US Consulate.President Jiang welcomed the Consul General and briefly introduced the development of ShanghaiTech, especially the undergraduate study abroad programs and the international faculty team. They discussed issu...
  • Shanghai Government Honors Raymond Stevens
    ShanghaiTech iHuman Institute Founding Director Dr. Raymond C. Stevens was awarded the 2017 Magnolia Silver Award in recognition of his great contribution to scientific research achievement and nurturing and mentoring of Chinese young scientists. Established by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1989 and named after Shanghai's official flower, the Magnolia Award recognizes foreign experts an...
  • Opening Ceremony Welcomes Incoming Students
    On September 15th, ShanghaiTech held an opening ceremony to welcome 355 incoming undergraduate students, 456 incoming master’s degree students and 200 incoming PhD students. The ceremony was attended by representatives from institutes affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), ShanghaiTech faculty and students.A video presentation showed ShanghaiTech’s first four years of achievements whic...
  • SPST Researchers Achieve Ultrahigh Capacity Methane Storage Record
    Journal of American Chemical Society
    Zhang Yuebiao's group in the School of Physical Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University developed a new series of mesoporous metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and achieved a new record in ultrahigh capacity methane storage. These results have been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society with the title of “Engineering of Pore Geometry for Ultrahigh Capacity ...
  • Acid-labile Molecular Container for Controlled Drug Release Developed
    Angewandte Chemie
    In a recent study, Research Associate Professor Liu Jia from SIAIS and Professor Ma Da from Fudan University developed an acid-labile acyclic cucurbit[n]uril (CB[n]) molecular containers for controlled drug release. Their study was published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.Pathological conditions such as tumors often lead to acidic microenvironment, making acid-labile drug carriers attr...
  • SLST Lab's Liver Regeneration Finding Published in Hepatology
    A team led by Assistant Professor Huang Pengyu at ShanghaiTech University’s School of Life Science and Technology, collaborating with Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital at Guangzhou, found an important role of IGF-2 in liver regeneration induced by some chronic liver injuries. Their work entitled “Pericentral hepatocytes produce IGF-2 to promote liver regeneration during special injuries” was publis...
  • Professor Publishes Popular Science Book
    Xue Jiamin, an assistant professor from the School of Physical Science and Technology, has recently published his new book for amateur scientists, titled “Geek Physics: exploring the beauty of physics in experiments”. This book consists of 18 advanced and fun physics projects which can be tried at home with everyday materials. The book is based on another book, We Are All Scientists, published b...
  • SLST Researchers' Genetic Engineering Findings Published
    Cell Research
    Genome editing is a type of genetic engineering, which utilizes programmable nucleases such as the Cas9 nuclease to achieve desired base insertion, deletion or substitutions in the genome of living organisms. Directed by guide RNA (gRNA), Cas9 nuclease can generate DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) at targeted genomic sites. Subsequent resolving of the generated DSB through non-homologous end joinin...
  • Professor Jingyi Yu Elected Program Chair of CVPR 2021
    IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2021 recently selected Chinese scholars as the host team of CVPR 2021 conference. Professor Jingyi Yu, from the School of Information Science and Technology (SIST), was appointed as Program Chair of the conference.CVPR is the top conference in the field of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR provides an academic communication sta...
  • Japanese Consul General Visits ShanghaiTech
    On August 8th, ShanghaiTech President Jiang Mianheng met a delegation headed by Katayama Kazuyuki, Consul-General of Japan in Shanghai.President Jiang welcomed the delegates and made a brief introduction to the university, highlighting the partnerships that ShanghaiTech has developed with many institutions of higher education in Europe and United States and expressing hope for Sino-Japan cooperati...
  • Father of Wearable Computing Professor Steve Mann Visits ShanghaiTech
    On August 4th, Professor Steve Mann and Mr. Norman Pearlstine, former CCO of Time Inc., visited ShanghaiTech accompanied by representatives from Shanghai Jiading Advanced Technology Innovation & Business Incubator. ShanghaiTech President Jiang Mianheng, Vice Provost Jiang Ge and School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) distinguished Professor-in-Residence Yang Yang met the delegates...
  • Mysterious Majorana Particle Discovered
    In our universe, everything is made up of elementary particles. Some – like photons - are already well-known; others remain to be unveiled. Recently, a group of engineers and scientists has found the “smoking gun” signature of the long sought-after Majorana particle. This research, led by Professor Kang L. Wang at UCLA (also an adjunct professor at SIST), was published in Science on July 21...
  • Researchers Discover Candidate Material for Room-Temperature Quantum Spin Hall Effect
    In condensed-matter physics, the states of matter are classified conventionally as metal, insulator, and semiconductor. In the last few years, a new field has emerged which led to the discovery of a new quantum phase of matter – topological insulators (TIs). A topological insulator, like a conventional insulator, has a bulk energy gap separating the highest occupied electronic band from the lowest...