• Visiting Expert Talks Admissions
    On February 13th, James Miller, Former Dean of Admission at Brown University and now Admission Consultant to Harvard College shared his experiences with ShanghaiTech’s admission team, at the invitation of President Jiang Mianheng.   Having been the Dean of Admission at Brown for 11 years, James Miller has extensive experience in admission and financial aid. His team, composed of 38 staff, en...
  • Economics Nobel Laureate Visits ShanghaiTech
    On January 20th 1996 Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Sir James Mirrlees and Mrs. PatriciaMirrlees visited ShanghaiTech at the invitation of President Jiang Mianheng. Thevisit started with a meeting with the School of Entrepreneurship and Managementfaculty members and after the warm welcome from President Jiang, SEM professorsdiscussed domestic and world economic issues with Professor Mirrlee...
  • ShanghaiTech Hosts Babson College President
    On January 10th Babson College President Dr. Kerry Healey visited ShanghaiTech, together withMr. Fred Kiang, member of the Babson Board of Trustees. Following VicePresident Gong Jinkang’s detailed introduction of ShanghaiTech, Dean May Lee ofSchool of Entrepreneurship and Management (SEM) talked about the school’slatest developments and reflected on the ongoing communication and dialoguebetween ...
  • Researchers Reveal a Neural Mechanism for Body Temperature Regulation
    Recently, Dr. Wei L. Shen’s group from ShanghaiTech University has published a research article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences titled with “A hypothalamic circuit that controls body temperature.” They have elucidated a neural mechanism responsible for heat defensive behavior.Thermal homeostasis is essential for survival in mammals. Significant deviation of body temperat...
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    Feb 2018
  • ShanghaiTech Featured in NYTimes
    Jan 2017