SLST Hosts NanoTemper Forum of Tumor Immunotherapy

ON2017-07-16TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: School of Life Science and Technology

ShanghaiTech’s first NanoTemper Forum of Tumor Immunotherapy attracted nearly 200 attendees from academia, clinical practice and industry. The forum was jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Society of Biophysics and ShanghaiTech’s School of Life Science and Technology.

An opening ceremony was held on June 27 with a welcome from vice president and provost Dr. Yin Jie. Shanghai Society of Biophysics General Secretary Dr. Ding Jianping, NanoTemper Founder and Global CEO Dr. Stefan Duhr, and NanoTemper China Chief Manager Dr. Li Zhuo, delivered remarks. Principal investigators including Drs. Liao Jun, Wang Haopeng, and Zhu Xuekai from ShanghaiTech and Dr. Zhou Penghui from Sun Yat-sen University’s Zhongshan School of Medicinechaired the forum. 

Tumor heterogeneity has been a major hurdle for treatments including chemotherapy and target therapy, until the emergence of immunotherapy. A revolutionary method, tumor immunotherapy has gradually shaped a concept that cancers are curable diseases. This concept has completely transformed the philosophy on cancer research and clinic practice. In recent years, because of many inspiring results on cancer treatments, immunotherapy has become an active frontier in basic research and translational medicine. In spite of big progresses, only 10-30% of cancer patients can currently benefit from the current therapies. Therefore, the science world is searching for further solutions to benefit more patients. In this forum, speakers come from universities, biotech companies and clinical institutions. They shared their latest progress in antibody design, gene editing, bioinformatics and their integration with structural biology. 

The First NanoTemper Forum of Tumor Immunotherapy received wide praise in academia, clinical practice and industries. In the future, the Forum of Tumor Immunotherapy will keep a high standard and establish its reputation gradually. The Forum also plans continue to work on solving emerging key problems in the tumor immunotherapy and boosting tumor immunotherapy in China.