The final roadshows of the Design Thinking course were successfully held by SEM

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The SEM course entitled Design Thinking: Scheme Design in Entrepreneurship and Management held its closing roadshows for the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year in the SEM lecture hall on December 21st and 24th. For this semester the course was organized by eight professors from the SEM, and two classes were run.


Prof. Hong Suting, the host of the roadshow, gave a brief introduction of the course

The projects for this semester's Design Thinking course were based on the theme of Make‘eating' better. Students made full use of the knowledge learned in the course as they discovered pain points that were worth solving and started innovative thinking to find solutions. Eventually, after in-depth research on target populations, along with testing and evaluation, they screened out feasible plans or products.

Vice President Yin Jie gave the remarks


In the roadshows, the students raised many novel ideas and solutions to improve the dining experience of the school canteen, takeaway food from outside that is brought into campus, food safety, healthy eating and other issues. After each team’s presentation, the course professors exchanged views and details and offered them insights and suggestions for improvement, bringing the existing plan a step closer to the actual implementation. 


Vice President Zhu Zhiyuan gave suggestions to the teams

The two final roadshows each covered twelve group projects, and the top three groups in each class were selected and awarded the title of Excellent Team for Final Presentation. The winning projects fully demonstrated the students' ability to apply innovative methods to solve practical problems.


The team winning for the first prize in the final presentation

The cultivation of technological innovation and entrepreneurship thinking and ability is an important part of the talent training program of ShanghaiTech University. The course Design Thinking: Scheme Design in Entrepreneurship and Management which is a compulsory course for all ShanghaiTech freshman students, aims to guide students in developing original projects and mastering innovative methods and tools. The professors of the SEM also conduct in-depth discussions on the content and format of the course, so as to update their teaching methods as they strive to provide realistic and effective design thinking exercises and practical opportunities for students to develop innovative scientific research and work in the future.