Important discovery by the IMS Founding Director Chen Xiuxiongs team was selected as one of Chinas top ten technology news reports in 2020

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Recently, the news report entitled The two core conjectures of differential geometry were finally proved after more than 20 years was selected as one of the top ten domestic science and technology news reports of 2020.

This report about mathematics research describes the convergence of high-dimensional Kellerridge flow, and was published by the IMS Founding Director Chen Xiuxiong and Professor Wang Bing of the University of Science and Technology of China, in the internationally renowned Journal of Differential Geometry. This research is the first to prove the Hamilton-Tian conjecture and Partial C0-conjecture. These conjectures are fundamental problems in geometric analysis, but proving them has been difficult. For more than 20 years, many researches have persisted in trying to solve them. But the ultimate success was achieved by the Chen Xiuxiong-Wang Bing group through their extraordinary insights, a series of novel ideas and their superb analytical methods.


The announcement of these findings has led to many follow-on works, including a new proof of the Chen-Donaldson-Sun theorem (i.e., Qiu Chengtong’s conjecture) written by the two authors in collaboration with Professor Song Sun from the University of California, Berkeley. The geometry mathematics giant, Donaldson, also praised this IMS work in the media and articles.