• Graduation Ready: Zhang Yuxi's Self-Motivation
    When the undergraduate Class of 2019 crosses the stage to receive their diplomas this month, they represent the best ShanghaiTech has to offer. The paths they took converged for four years on campus together, and now they prepare to head off in different directions. School of Life Science and Technology graduating senior Zhang Yuxi’s college experience didn’t start out so well. She felt dis...
  • Novel Predatory Hunting and Reward Feeding Mechanism Discovered
    Nature Neuroscience
    SLST Professor Shen Wei’s lab, in collaboration with Huazhong University of Science & Technology Professor Li Haohong’s Lab, have discovered a novel mechanism of predatory hunting and reward feeding. Their research, published on May 23rd in an article in Nature Neuroscience entitled “Zona incerta GABAergic neurons integrate prey-related sensory signals and induce an appetitive drive to...
  • Discovery of New Heart Regeneration Mechanism
    A team of scientists led by SLST’s Dr. Zhang Hui and CAS Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology’s Dr. Zhou Bin, has discovered a new mechanism for neonatal heart regeneration. Their findings suggest that cellular senescence that occurs after heart injury plays an essential role in neonatal heart regeneration. Their work, entitled “CCN1-Induced Cellular Senescence Promotes Heart Reg...
  • New Obesity Aggravating Factor Discovered
    Nature Metabolism
    A team of scientists led by SLST’s Dr. Qi Wei from and Dr. Song Baoliang from Wuhan University has identified Gpnmb as a liver-secreted factor promoting lipogenesis in white adipose tissue and aggravating obesity and insulin resistance. Using neutralizing antibody, they also demonstrated that reducing circulating Gpnmb brought therapeutic benefit to obesity and diabetes in animal models. This stu...
  • Function of a Conserved Cell Cycle Protein in Cell Differentiation Reviewed
    Trends in Cell Biology
    Assistant Professor Yuu Kimata at School of Life Science and Technology published a review article titled ‘APC/C Ubiquitin Ligase: Coupling Cellular Differentiation to G1/G0 Phase in Multicellular Systems’ in Trends in Cell Biology in April 2019. The article reviews the recent progress on the molecular function of a protein complex, the Anaphase Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC/C), which is...
  • Novel Cytoskeleton Ultrastructures Identified
    Science Advances
    Recently, a research group led by iHuman Institute and SLST Assistant Professor Zhong Guisheng, working with collaborators SLST Assistant Professor He Shuijin and Southeast University Professor Chai Renjie, used a super-resolution fluorescence microscope to identify novel cytoskeleton ultrastructures in inner ear hair cell. Their two studies, “A cytoskeleton structure revealed by super-resolution...
  • Oxford Professor Visits ShanghaiTech
    On April 12, Professor Matthew Freeman FRS, head of the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at University of Oxford, visited ShanghaiTech.ShanghaiTech President Jiang Mianheng, together with SLST undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs welcomed the professor at a lunchtime gathering where they shared their ideas about potential collaborations. Before lunch, Vice President and Provost Yin J...
  • New Mechanism of Itch Processing Discovered
    A team of scientists led by Dr. Hu Ji from ShanghaiTech’s SLST and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s Dr. Xu Tian-le has discovered a new mechanism of itch processing.Itching is an interesting experience consisting of two seemingly opposing components: pruritogen-induced aversion and scratching-induced hedonic feelings. In this study, the joint research team reported on the midbr...
  • Base Editing Precision Reviewed
    Nature Biotechnology
    In a News and Views commentary entitled "To BE or not to BE, that is the question", Dr. Jia Chen at School of Life Science and Technology (SLST) of ShanghaiTech University, together with Dr. Bei Yang at Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) of ShanghaiTech University and Dr. Li Yang at CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB) of Chines...
  • New Stress Coping Mechanism Discovered
    Current Biology
    A team of scientists led by SLST Professor Dr. Hu Ji has discovered a new mechanism of stress coping and published their research, titled "Reward Inhibits Paraventricular CRH Neurons to Relieve Stress" in Current Biology. People encounter stressful stimuli every day.  Chronic, long-term stress can lead to various pathologies, including cardiovascular disease, inflammation, meta...
  • Immune Cell Metabolism Reviewed
    Nature Cell Biology
    School of Life Science and Technology Associate Professor Tiffany Horng published a review article entitled "Metabolism as a guiding force for immunity" in Nature Cell Biology in January 2019, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Assistant Professor Hu Zeng to publish a review article. This article reviews recent studies that have elucidated how the metabolism of immune cells plays an ...
  • Role of Retrosplenial Cortex in Contextual Fear Conditioning Decoded
    Cerebral Cortex
    A team of scientists led by Dr. Guan Ji-Song at the School of Life Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech has decoded the role of retrosplenial cortex in contextual fear conditioning, retrieval and extinction with in vivo two-photon imaging and TRAP. They discovered the extinction memory engrams in retrosplenial cortex and artificially controlled the level of fear by manipulating different memory ...
  • Powerful Strategy Developed to Probe Histone Functions
    Developmental Cell
    In a new paper published in Developmental Cell, a team of researchers from ShanghaiTech University, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Tsinghua University, Johns Hopkins University and National Institute of Biological Sciences developed a powerful strategy and valuable reagents to systematically probe histone functions in Drosophila melanogaster.Associate Professor Gao Guanjun from the Sc...
  • RNA Methylation Study Signals Breakthrough Learning and Memory Research
    A team of scientists led by Dr. Zhou Tao from ShanghaiTech’s School of Life Science and Technology, Dr. He Chuan from University of Chicago and Dr. Song Hongjun from University of Pennsylvania, have made a breakthrough in the field of RNA methylation (m6a) in regulating brain functions. Their work, entitled “m6A Facilitates Hippocampus-Dependent Learning and Memory through YTHDF1” was published...